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The Top 8 Sports TVs for Game Day

These big screens deliver a stadium-like experience even if you’re just sitting at home on the sofa.

best sports tvs
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Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally one of the biggest TV-watching days of the year averaging 150 million viewers. In anticipation of the game, now’s the perfect time to replace that old TV and buy a new one in preparation for the big game. Check out our top 8 sports TV picks that'll make you feel as if you’re right on the field.

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1 LG G1 OLED Smart TV

This top-of-the-line LG OLED includes the company's EVO technology that dramatically brightens its picture compared to other OLEDs from lower-priced LG models and other OLED competitors. With its brighter image, OLED's natural popping colors, deep black levels, and wider viewing angle, the G1 is arguably the best sports TV available. To compliment your interior design, the G1's Gallery Design enables the TV to be mounted nearly flush to a wall like a picture frame.

2 Sony Bravia 77-Inch A80J OLED Smart TV

With better off-angle viewing than most OLEDs, Sony's XR Motion Clarity technology on this 77-inch set results in nearly blur-free action. You get not only great video but astounding sound with Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio+, which turns this TV's screen into a large surround sound speaker. Since it’s a Sony TV, this Bravia also includes PS5-specific features, and its three-way stand lets you better adjust its positioning.

3 TCL 85-Inch 4K QLED Roku TV

This impressively massive 85-inch TCL QLED TV's 192 full array local dimming zones dramatically boost details in bright and dark areas of an image, such as the often action-obscuring setting-sun shadows. For non-sports viewing, this set includes Roku's industry-best streaming TV system. For e-sports fans, there's THX Certified Game Mode, which reduces image smear while boosting gaming response time and input lag.

4 TCL 75-Inch Mini-LED 4K Smart TV

New-ish mini-LED backlighting technology, which uses thousands instead of hundreds of tiny backlights, brings OLED-like lighting, color and black-level preciseness to LED TVs. This surprisingly inexpensive TCL 75-inch model delivers not only mini-LED's picture enhancements, but wider-than-usual off-angle viewing so everyone can clearly follow the action. For optimized e-sporting, TCL also supports a host of gaming-specific technologies including THX Certified Game Mode that, combined, enable smoother and more reactive low-latency, low lag gaming.

5 VIZIO P-Series 85-Inch 4K Smart TV

Need a TV for a large room with lots of windows? This brand new 2022 Vizio P85QX-J01 can generate 3,000 nits of peak brightness, making it around three times brighter than other LED TVs, six times brighter than an OLED. Not only does the P85QX shine like a klieg light, but Vizio says it delivers more than twice the quantum dot color of other LED TVs for more popping colors, and its impressive 792 local dimming zones reveal deeper details in both bright and dark scenes.

6 Hisense 65-Inch ULED U7G Android 4K Smart TV

In addition to our sports TV 120Hz native refresh prerequisite, full array local dimming, and all of Hisense's high-end image and sound enhancements to heighten your sports watching, this inexpensive 65-inch Hisense U7G offers a host of e-sport features. It's Game Mode Pro recognizes gaming sequences and automatically optimizes the U7G display settings for gaming, while its automatic low-latency mode (ALLM), FreeSync Premium, and variable refresh rate (VRR) combine to deliver a smooth, low-lag, quick response to PS5 and Xbox gameplay.

7 Samsung 98-Inch Neo QLED Mini-LED 4K Smart TV

Yep, this is an expensive TV, and its screen measures 98 inches. It's the largest size LED or OLED TV currently available—but you wanted the biggest and best TV for sports, right? If you have a huge living room and an equally large budget, this ginormous mini-LED Samsung arguably delivers the best non-OLED picture, but outputting nearly five times the brightness. While this TV is extra large, it's also remarkably thin—a ridiculous 1.2 inches —so it won't spoil your feng shui when wall mounted.

8 Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Android TV

This TV's picture quality is phenomenal. The 4K HDTV and X1 extreme processor offer deeper contrasts through real-time image processing and automatically upscales content to 4K HDR quality. It also uses X-Motion Clarity technology, which offers a native 120Hz refresh rate to minimize blur and maintain brightness during high motion scenes like football scrimmages.

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