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9 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits of 2022

These kits make growing fresh produce easy.

best indoor herb gardens

If you want to enjoy fresh herbs and veggies all year ‘round but don’t have the outdoor space, an indoor herb garden may be the answer to grow a few herbs or plants such as lettuces, vegetables, flowers and more. Indoor gardens can save you from needing to buy fresh or dried herbs at the grocery store and encourage you to skip getting takeout and cook healthier in the kitchen by trying a new recipe with your newly grown vegetables like a spring herb frittata or herb-roasted chicken.

With so many benefits, you may want to run out and buy one but it’s hard to know which one is the best fit for your indoor space. That’s where the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab comes in. We've spent six months testing indoor herb garden kits, evaluating ease of setup, space efficiency and ease of use, as well as features like growing lights and apps. We also evaluate the overall experience, the variety of pods available and how well the plants grow. Our top picks include ones we’ve tested or those highly rated and reviewed. Here are the best indoor garden herb kits:

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    Best Overall Indoor Herb Garden Kit
    Home Starter Kit

    • Easy setup
    • Grows a variety of plants
    • Running water sound is faint

    • Tricky to change water
    • Growth from some pods can block light to others

    Kitchen Appliances Lab Deputy Director, Nicole Papantoniou, loves this indoor garden and says, “it’s so easy to set up, holds a lot of plants and the lettuce is so tender and flavorful.” Unlike other smaller indoor herb gardens that only grow a few plants, this can grow a variety of produce such as lettuces, herbs, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, kale, arugula and even flowers. 

    It also has an app to control the lights and water and if you opt for the subscription, it comes with 10 pods per month. The app will also help keep plants in top shape by letting you know if you need to trim the plants or roots, discard dead leaves, refill the water tank and more.

    Best Value Indoor Herb Garden Kit
    Indoor Herb Garden Kit

    • Budget-friendly
    • Holds up to 12 pods

    • No reminder to feed plants

    This indoor garden kit can hold up to 12 pods at a fraction of the price of some other kits that contain the same amount of pods. It’s one of the most popular indoor herb gardens on Amazon with nearly 1,000 reviews and a 4.5 rating. Shoppers love that this has a water level window so you never have to guess when it needs water and has a simple control panel. It also has an adjustable height LED light panel, fan and a water pump that can turn on and off automatically to circulate the water.

    Best Small Indoor Herb Garden Kit
    Smart Garden 3 Pod
    Click and Grow
    Click and Grow

    • Compact
    • Lamp has extensions
    • Built-in timer

    • App not very useful

    If space is a premium in your home, you’ll want to try the Smart Garden 3 from Click and Grow. The Good Housekeeping Institute's registered dietitian, Stefani Sassos, tried this indoor garden and says, “it’s compact and perfect to have on a small kitchen counter or little nook in your home.” It can hold 3 pods, making it a good choice for someone living on their own or a small household that doesn’t need a lot.

    The lamp also has easy-to-install extension arms to grow with your plant and a built-in timer. While it does come with an app, we didn’t find it very useful, according to Sassos, “you can learn more about your plant pods on the app but that’s about it”.

    Best Indoor Organic Herb Garden Kit
    Organic Indoor Herb Garden
    Now 40% off

    • Includes organic seeds

    • Eventually must be planted in new pots

    While most indoor gardens don’t require any pesticides, if you are looking for a completely organic indoor herb garden you may want to consider starting with organic seeds. This starter kit comes with thyme, parsley, chives, cilantro and basil that claim to be organic and non-GMO.

    It also has plant markers to keep track of your herbs and a bonus herb grinder. It’s one of the highest-rated and reviewed organic indoor herb garden kits with over 260 perfect 5-star reviews. The downside? Once the plants are established they will eventually need to be moved to new pots.

    Best Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden Kit
    Harvest Indoor Herb Garden Kit
    Now 13% off

    • Compact
    • Easy to manage

    • Grows slower than gardens that use seedlings

    This hydroponic garden will hold up to six plants and comes with a full spectrum grow light with no soil required. It comes with liquid plant nutrients and there’s an indicator to remind you to fill up the water and add the plant food. We found that it was very easy to set up and it’s compact enough to fit on a window ledge.

    The lights are on a timer and stay on for 15 hours. Although the Aerogarden Harvest claims to grow plants up to six times faster than soil, we found that the plants grew slower compared to other indoor gardens we tried that used already growing seedlings.

    Best Indoor Herb Garden Kit With Grow Light
    Smart Garden 9 Indoor Home Garden
    Click and Grow
    Click and Grow

    • 2 types of lights to help plants grow faster
    • Compact but holds nine plants but still compact
    • Easy setup

    • Fixed extension arm can not be adjusted as plants grow

    This indoor garden fits nine plants and when we tested it we found it was relatively compact and fits on the kitchen counter underneath cabinets. It was very easy to set-up as mostly everything is already assembled, even the lights.

    Unlike most other gardens that have no lights or one type of light, the Smart Garden 9 offers two types of lights, white and red LEDs. The red light is supposed to make the photosynthesis process more efficient, resulting in better growth and healthier plants. Our registered dietitian, Stefani Sassos, tested the lights and noticed the plants grew faster than other indoor gardens that don't have red LEDs.

    Best Indoor Herb Garden Kit for Beginners
    9 Herb Window Garden
    Planter's Choice
    Planter's Choice

    • Comes with a wide variety of seeds
    • Fully stocked starter set

    • Pots and drip trays made of plastic

    This nine herb garden kit is perfect for beginners that want to give their green thumb a try without making a big investment. It comes with everything you need to get started, including reusable pots with drainage holes, drip trays, plant markers, soil discs and a planting guide.

    It’s one of the top-rated kits on Amazon with over 4,600 reviews and a 4.1 rating and shoppers say they love the variety of seeds that come with the kit such as basil, chives, cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley, southern giant mustard, sage and thyme. Take note, the pots and drip trays are made of plastic and some reviewers preferred something more sturdy.

    Best Indoor Herb Garden Planters
    Herb Pot Planter Set With Tray
    Barnyard Designs

    • Great quality
    • Available in multiple colors

    • Only comes with three pots

    This popular planter set has nearly 1,100 reviews with over 875 perfect 5-star reviews. Shoppers say “these are great quality” and adore the farmhouse style of these herb planters. The indoor herb garden kit comes with three pots that have drainage holes and a drip tray. It’s also available in white, coral, turquoise, and seafoam blue.

    Best Indoor Herb Garden for Lettuce
    The Farmstand Garden
    Lettuce Grow
    Lettuce Grow

    • Plants grow quickly
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Choice of 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 plant stand

    • Setup requires a few more steps than others

    If you’re trying to eat more salads and want an indoor garden mainly for lettuce, then you’ll want the Lettuce Grow. When we tested this, we found that the plants grew very quickly. The plants are sent as seedlings already growing and within two weeks of planting, our tester could harvest enough lettuce to make salads for five people with the 24-plant farmstand. Along with the 24 plant size, it also comes in 12, 18, 30 and 36 so you can choose the size that fits your needs. 

    This can be used outdoors or indoors with the recommended Glow Rings (sold separately) that attach to The Farmstand. The water and lights are connected to timers so there’s no need to worry about keeping track, though we did find set-up requires a few more steps than others we tried.

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