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170 Boy Cat Names That Are the Pick of the Litter

Whether you're looking for a moniker that's cute, cool or totally unique.

Congrats on bringing home your new cat! Before you buy all the cute pet toys and must-have accessories for your new feline friend, first thing’s first: choosing a name. If a male kitty has captured your heart, finding the right boy cat name is a must.

Whether you consider it a daunting task or amusing responsibility, settling on a name for your beloved four-legged pal is part of the pet owning experience. If you fall into the former group and feel overwhelmed by the duty, don’t be. Choosing a cat name can be a fun process. Plus, the options are seemingly endless. For those who welcome the assignment, let the ideas and creativity flow. The only rule? Have fun while taking your kitty’s unique personality into account.

Take a page from your favorite book or take a peek inside your refrigerator to ramp up the inspiration. Think Harry Potter or potato chips to get your creative juices flowing. In fact, the names people select for their pets often reflect the things that hold a special place in their lives, from passions and interests to what’s happening in the world, according to Rover.com.

Still stumped? Don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some of the trendiest, cutest, and quirkiest boy cat names to help you find the purr-fect match. Trust us, your cat will come when called by one of these standout monikers.

Most Popular Male Cat Names

Partial to popular names? If so, these trendy and well-liked names are leading the litter, according to Rover.com.

  • Oliver
  • Leo
  • Milo
  • Charlie
  • Max
  • Simba
  • Jack
  • Loki
  • Ollie
  • Jasper

    Cute Names

    What’s more adorable than a cute cat? An adorable name to complement it.

    • Astro
    • Benny
    • Boots
    • Buster
    • Cuddles
    • Diesel
    • Dino
    • Doc
    • Jax
    • Lars
    • Lucky
    • Lucky
    • Midnight
    • Niko
    • Pinky
    • Plucky
    • Rebel
    • Ringo
    • Rocky
    • Romeo
    • Saint
    • Sonny
    • Spirit
    • Stoney
    • Storm
    • Teddy
    • Tiger

      Unique Names

      Thrive on originality? Let these one-of-kind monikers do the trick.

      • Abraham
      • Armstrong
      • Arnold
      • Ash
      • Barney
      • Beast
      • Beau
      • Biff
      • Captain
      • Casper
      • Cedar
      • Clay
      • Copper
      • Cowboy
      • Dash
      • Dax
      • Falcon
      • Fizz
      • Jiggy
      • Lenox
      • Magnum
      • Mars
      • Maxwell
      • Mellow
      • Petro
      • Razor
      • Reed
      • Salem
      • Sneaker
      • Snowball
      • Spade
      • Squeak
      • Tiger
      • Tonka
      • Warrior
      • Wolf
      • Zen
      • Ziggy
            best boy cat names
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            Food-Inspired Names

            Starving for ideas? Check your pantry and refrigerator for inspiration.

            • Beans
            • Biscuit
            • Burrito
            • Cheeto
            • Chili
            • Chip
            • Churro
            • Cocoa
            • Coffee
            • Cornflake
            • Crackers
            • Cucumber
            • Curry
            • Goober
            • Guacamole
            • Mac (and cheese)
            • Meatball
            • Miso
            • Nacho
            • Noodle
            • Nugget
            • Oreo
            • Peanut
            • Pepper
            • Pickles
            • Popcorn
            • Porkchop
            • Potato
            • Raisin
            • Scotch
            • Snacks
            • Snicker
            • Spam
            • Sprout
            • Toasty
            • Waffles

                  Popular Culture Names

                  If you’re a fan of entertainment, you’ll find these punny names appealing.

                  • Atticus (Lovecraft Country)
                  • Bam Bam (as in The Flintstones)
                  • Beethoven (as in musical genius, Beethoven)
                  • Beiber (Justin Beiber, pop singer)
                  • Biebs (as in Justin Bieber)
                  • Bruno (as in Encanto)
                  • Cat Sajak (as in Pat Sajak)
                  • Catye (as in hip hop artist, Kanye West)
                  • Cheshire (as in Alice in Wonderland)
                  • Chester (as in Chester Cheetah)
                  • Diddy (Sean “Diddy” Combs, music mogul)
                  • Drake (as in hip hop artist, Drake)
                  • Fauci (as in Dr. Anthony Fauci)
                  • Garfield (Garfield, cartoon character)
                  • Harry (as in Harry Potter)
                  • Heathcliff (Heathcliff, cartoon character)
                  • Jabba (Jabba the Hutt, Star Wars)
                  • Mr. Bigglesworth (Austin Powers)
                  • Nemo (Finding Nemo)
                  • Orangey (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
                  • Picatso (as in Picasso)
                  • Puffy (as in music mogul, Sean Combs)
                  • Scar (as in The Lion King)
                  • Screech (as in Screech from Saved by the Bell)
                  • Shrek (as in Shrek)
                  • Spock (as in Star Trek)
                  • Thor (Marvel comics)
                  • Tiger King (Tiger King)
                  • Timberlake (as in pop artist, Justin Timberlake)
                  • Tom (as in Tom and Jerry)
                  • Trip (Little Fires Everywhere)
                  • Wile E. (as in Wile E. Coyote)

                        Funny Names

                        Want a name that’s sure to tickle your funny bone? Try one of these for a humorous take.

                        • Bolt
                        • Booster
                        • Bubbles
                        • Buppy
                        • Buttons
                        • Cat Sajak
                        • Chucky
                        • Claws
                        • Claws
                        • Dude
                        • Firecracker
                        • Flash
                        • Fuzzy
                        • Gonzo
                        • Grumpy
                        • Joker
                        • Meow-y Povich
                        • Mouse
                        • Puppycat
                        • Purr-cy
                        • Scratcher
                        • Snowflake
                        • Sphinx
                        • Swag
                        • Trouble
                        • Whistles
                        • Zip

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