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24 of the Best Chocolate Easter Eggs You Can Buy Online This Year

Make your holiday even sweeter with these classic treats — some small, some large, some filled with toys.

chocolate easter eggs

Chocolate eggs are a staple in any (and every) Easter basket. Really, there are so many different kinds of chocolate Easter eggs to pick from: small or large, solid or hollow, foiled or plain, milk or dark, toy-filled or completely edible, the list goes on. If you're the one picking out the Easter candy for your family's baskets (hello Easter Bunny!), then you only want to give them the best, which is exactly why we've rounded up a list of our favorite chocolate Easter eggs that can be ordered online and delivered to your door just in time for Easter Sunday.

Here, you'll find some old and new favorites — Hershey's, Cadbury, and Kinder are popular drugstore staples, while others from brands like Godiva and La Maison du Chocolat are more decadent, gift-worthy options. The choice is yours: Stick 'em in Easter baskets, use them to fill plastic eggs for your family's egg hunt, or wrap them up like a gift. Regardless, these chocolate eggs will satisfy the sweet tooth of adults and kids alike.

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1 M&M'S Filled Eggs
Mars Incorporated

Crack open the plastic shells to reveal an assortment of bite-size chocolates. Bonus: If you use them for your Easter egg hunt, you don't have to fill any eggs!

2 Swiss Chocolate Eggs
The Madelaine Chocolate Company

Keep it classic with these solid milk chocolate eggs, all wrapped in colorful foil.

3 Chocolate Surprise Egg
Williams Sonoma
Williams Sonoma

It's what's on the inside that really counts: Open up the milk chocolate egg to find a small flock of white chocolate chicks.

4 Coquille Egg
La Maison du Chocolat

At first, it may look like any ol' egg ... until you crack the egg's outer shell to unveil to unveil a creamy chocolate center dotted with almond and hazelnut pieces.

5 Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

Smash this chocolate dinosaur egg with the provided mallet to reveal dino-shaped chocolates and other bite-size treats. 

6 Collectible Beaded Easter Egg

Inside this gorgeous beaded egg, you'll find 12 foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in a variety of flavors.

7 Ferrero Eggs
Ferrero Rocher
Now 21% off

Perfectly nutty and sweet, these chocolate eggs have a hazelnut center surrounded by a layer of decadent hazelnut cream.

8 Chocolate Eggs Carton
Tony's Chocolonely

If you simply can't choose between milk or dark chocolate, this cute little carton offers up the best of both worlds — dotted with yummy additions like caramel pieces, pecans, coconut and almonds.

9 Signature Easter Egg
andSons Chocolatiers

If you're looking for a luxury chocolate egg experience, look no further than the decadent ones from andSons. Choose from one of three mouthwatering flavors (coconut rum ganache, toasted-coconut almond praline and coconut marshmallow; chocolate marshmallow, vanilla caramel and pecan praline; or dark-milk ganache, caramel fleur de sel and peanut gianduja with feuilletine), or go all out and spring for the gift box-wrapped set of three.

10 Chocolate Eggs Assortment

Perfect if you have a few Easter baskets to fill, this pack of 170 chocolate eggs has something for everyone, whether they love extra dark chocolate or something sweet like cookies 'n' creme.

11 Chocolate Eggs with Cookie Pieces

Like the chocolate-covered Oreos you know and love, but with an Easter twist. 

12 Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Egg

Have a peanut butter lover on your hands? Give them this big chocolate egg instead of a chocolate bunny. 

13 Kinder Joy Easter Eggs
Kinder Chocolate

These classic Kinder eggs have two separately sealed halves, one with chocolate-covered wafer bites filled with cocoa cream and the other with a surprise kids' toy.

14 Creme Eggs

You can't let Easter pass without scarfing down a Cadbury Creme Egg ... or in this case, an entire five-pack.

15 Caramel Eggs

Or if you prefer something even sweeter, go for the caramel version.

16 Tootsie Roll Eggs
Tootsie Roll

As soon as you bite through the hard chocolate shell, you'll be met with a chewy chocolate center a.k.a. a Tootsie Roll.

17 Marshmallow Eggs

You can't top Peeps at Easter — unless you pick up a package of these marshmallow treats from Hershey's, which are coated in a layer of milk chocolate.

18 Mini Eggs

Fill your candy dishes with these mini eggs, complete with a pastel outer shell. Save a few extras to decorate your homemade Easter treats! 

19 Milk Chocolate Eggs

Here, Lindt makes their classic chocolate truffles fit for the holiday. Divide the six eggs between Easter baskets or give the carton as a gift.

20 Coconut and Chocolate Eggs
Almond Joy

Almond Joy lovers will appreciate seeing these chocolate eggs in their Easter basket this year. Chocolate, almond, and coconut — what's not to love?

21 Honey Peanut Butter Chocolate Easter Eggs

Peanut butter and chocolate is already a winning combination, but Compartes takes things one step further by adding sweet honey into the mix. 

22 Crispy Chocolate Eggs
L.A. Burdick
Burdick Chocolate

The ultimate Easter treat for grown-ups, Burdick's indulgent chocolate eggs are filled with assorted crispy centers and are hand-painted with chocolate polka dots.

23 Cookies 'n' Creme Eggs

Speckled with crunchy cookie pieces, these solid white chocolate eggs are a sweet addition to any Easter basket.

24 Rocky Road Egg
See's Candies

This chocolate egg makes a statement: Underneath a thin layer of milk chocolate, there's a honey marshmallow mixed with walnuts and rich chocolate.

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