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7 Best Home Pizza Ovens of 2022, According to Kitchen Experts

We made pie after pie to find the perfect indoor and outdoor pizza ovens.

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​​We updated this guide in February 2022 to ensure all products previously vetted by the Kitchen Appliance and Culinary Innovation Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute were in stock and correctly priced. We also added two new picks from Ooni and additional testing notes from recent road testing.

Tacos might have Tuesday, but pizza has any night it wants. Whether you know how to make a pizza at home or are taking it easy with one of the best frozen pizzas, a home pizza oven takes pizza night to a whole new level. Like the best air fryers, home pizza ovens might not have been standard equipment in the past, but modern kitchens and outdoor entertaining areas are including them more and more.

While you can make pizza in a toaster oven or regular oven, home pizza ovens are specialized ovens designed to reach higher temperatures (some up to 950°F) and are shaped to conduct heat efficiently for that hot-and-fast style of restaurant pizza. They range from indoor electric models to outdoor wood-fired units. But what they all have in common is creating speedy, crispy, chewy, cheesy pizza whether you start with a store-bought pie or make your own.

How we test home pizza ovens

The Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Appliances and Culinary Innovation Lab road tested an assortment of home pizza ovens, including both indoor and outdoor models. Each oven was tested with 12-inch pies: Fresh dough was topped with canned tomato sauce and a pre-shredded mozzarella. During testing, we made more than 20 pies, using over five pounds of cheese and 10 pounds of dough. The oven was always preheated when called for by the manufacturer’s instructions. And, whenever possible, the oven’s own accessories, such as peels, were used to remove the pies. We evaluated how easy the ovens were to set up and use, how quickly they baked fresh and frozen pizza and whether the results were worth the effort.

Those that delivered a superior slice made our list of the best home pizza ovens to buy in 2022, along with others we haven't formally in the Lab, but come from brands we trust after years of experience testing kitchen appliances:

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    Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

    • Multi-fuel cooking options
    • Digital thermometer on the front of the oven

    • Pizza peel, gas burner and additional accessories are not included

    This Good Housekeeping 2021 Kitchen Gear Award winner produced impressive results in testing. It can be used with wood or charcoal, or you can buy a separate attachment to use it with propane. Along with consumer testers, we used both wood and propane to make rounds of pizza. The wood and charcoal holder is large, which means it can reach high temps and requires less refilling and spans the back of the oven. Plus, its cover is removable and has a large handle so you can easily add more fuel. The wood and charcoal holder is in the shape of a basket and serves as a barricade which prevents pizza from landing on the hot fuel and burning.

    This model’s fully glass hinged door with ViewFlame™ technology lets you keep an eye on your pizza and allows for the oven to get hotter faster compared to a style with no door because of its improved insulation. The smokestack helps with adjusting the temp, too – open it completely for more heat when using wood or charcoal, close it to cut off the oxygen flow and ultimately lower the temp. A digital thermometer on the front of the oven helps keep track of the internal temperature. One drawback: This oven does not come with a pizza peel, which we recommend for building the pizza, inserting into the oven and easy retrieval.

    Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

    • Reaches 950˚F in 15 minutes for super-fast pizzas, according to the manufacturer
    • Weighs 20 pounds

    • Solely gas-powered

    At $400 less than our top pizza oven pick, this Ooni model is a more affordable option that produces similarly great results – the difference is, it’s smaller and can only be used with gas instead of wood or charcoal, too. FYI: An even less expensive option is available if you prefer to just use wood instead of gas. But we find gas to be easier to use and regulate, though we like the slightly smoky taste wood and charcoal contribute. In our test, we tested the larger, more expensive Ooni Koda 16 that can handle 16-inch pizzas versus just 12-inch pizzas.

    In our test, we were able to make a restaurant-style pizza that was nicely charred in some spots, although the process required a learning curve: Like with all pizza ovens, we needed to get the oven nice and hot before transferring in the pizza. Then we needed to practice rotating the pie for the best results in just a couple of minutes. The flames are located on the back and side of this pizza oven, so we had to be careful rotating the pie while cooking to avoid burn marks on the crust and cheese.

    Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

    • Indoor pizza oven
    • Reaches 750˚F
    • Includes settings that deliver unique results

    • Pricey

    This countertop oven reaches 750˚F and delivers a “wood-fired-style pizza” in two to three minutes. That said, it takes 17 minutes to heat. While that does increase your TTP (time to pizza), our tester noted that it was the ideal length of time to build your pizza (or make a salad, if you’re trying to fancy up a frozen pizza dinner). She also raved that “it’s super easy and straightforward to use.”

    You can choose to use the preprogrammed pizza settings or you can take control with manual settings — Breville includes instructions for the manual controls on a handy magnet that you can pop onto the machine to help you out. Our tester was impressed that the settings delivered different results: The wood-fired setting produced tender and bubbly pizza with some char like you would get in a restaurant, while the New York–style setting delivered pizza that was more evenly cooked and stiff. The pizza cooks on a pizza stone and the oven comes with a peel to easily remove your pie.

    Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven
    Roccbox by Gozney

    • Comes with carrying strap
    • Silicone coating keeps oven exterior from overheating

    • Must buy the wood-burner attachment separately

    This space-age-looking home pizza oven reaches 950˚F for Neapolitan-style pies. It's compact with retractable legs and a detachable burner that makes it easy to transport; plus, it comes with a handy carrying strap and lightweight pizza peel. Like the Ooni Karu, you can cook with gas or wood, — but you have to buy the wood-burning attachment separately. (We preferred using the propane attachment in our tests, as the wood-burner required a lot of active time feeding the fire.) In our tests, we loved how quickly it produced pizzas with a crisp bottom, tender crust and the perfect amount of char in about 90 seconds. Its body is insulated and coated in silicone, so the exterior remains cooler than some other pizza ovens, reducing your burn risk and making it more ideal for bustling gathering.

    Basics Pizza Oven Box Kit

    • Oven can reach up to 800˚F
    • Works with gas grills with three or more burners

    • Requires a gas grill

    This pizza-stone-lined baking box turns most gas grills with three or more burners into an outdoor pizza oven. Crank all your grill burners to high and set the box on top to preheat for about 20 minutes. Depending on your grill’s power and the weather conditions, the oven can reach 600˚to 800˚F, making your cook time just two to four minutes. The oven has built-in handles for easy transport and it has a temperature gauge so you can decide when to start baking. It comes with a wooden pizza peel and a thinner, more nimble pizza turner, since you’ll need to rotate your pies to ensure even cooking.

    Pro 22 Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit
    Kettle Pizza
    Kettle Pizza

    • Included aluminum pizza peel and a 14-inch pizza pan
    • Allows you to cook with charcoal or wood

    • Requires a kettle grill

    This kit converts most 22.5-inch kettle grills into a pizza oven that can reach up to 750˚F. You can install it tool-free by setting the stainless steel sleeve — plus its “ProGrate/Tombstone Combo,” which suspends a thick pizza stone over the fire — on the base of your kettle and placing the grill’s lid on top. The setup allows you to cook over charcoal or wood or both, with the use of the hardwood basket that can be hung from the grate frame. The kit also includes an aluminum pizza peel and a 14-inch pizza pan.

    Italia Artisan Pizza Oven
    Camp Chef
    Camp Chef

    • double-layer ceiling which helps retain heat
    • Fast and adjustable heating

    • Heavy

    This home pizza oven has a double-layer ceiling, which helps retain heat so it can cook like a brick oven. Its heat source is powered by gas and the flames sit below the removable 20-inch wide by 13-inch deep pizza stone that's 1/2-inch thick – a large stone means more cook space and heating and a thick one means good heat retention even if you turn down the flame. The Camp Chef pizza oven comes with a door you can use when using the pizza oven like a traditional oven.

    It preheats in about 15 minutes and reaches temps around 700˚F, so your pizzas cook in about 3 minutes. It has an adjustable flame valve and built-in temperature gauge, so you can learn what range you prefer for baking your pies. Though you can fuel the oven with a small disposable propane bottle, the unit is 47 pounds, which prevents it from being easily portable. Fortunately, it comes with a 5-foot hose to adapt the oven for a standard bulk propane tank.

    What to look for when shopping for a home pizza oven
    black line
    • Indoor or outdoor: Your first decision is to choose where you want the oven. If you want easy access to your pizza oven year round, an indoor model is likely best for you. As long as you can find an outlet, you can have delicious pizza, but it does eliminate home pizza ovens that use wood or gas for fuel. If you have the perfect spot in the backyard for cooking and entertaining, go with an outdoor model. Some are portable, which can be nice for game days or second homes, but you will need to ensure a source for gas or wood. Of course, if you have outdoor outlets on your deck or porch, you can choose either kind of pizza oven.
    • Size and weight: The size of your home pizza oven affects the size of the pizzas you can cook. Will you generally be cooking for yourself or for a family? The size also affects the weight of the oven and its portability. Make a note of how heavy the oven is, because if it doesn’t live on your counter or patio all year, you’ll need to move and stow it each time you use it.
    • Temperature range: For that lightning-fast, restaurant-quality pizza, you need your home pizza oven to reach a high maximum temperature (around 950°F) . You’ll get those glorious charred spots — and you’ll know you’re literally minutes from pizza once you put it in. But an oven that can hold a consistent low-end temperature provides versatility for warming leftover pizza or cooking non-pizza entrées, like fish. (And it’s also great for baking a skillet dessert for after!)
    • Controls and accessories: Do you want a basic oven that is largely just in-and-out? Or do you want a more advanced oven? More options allow for more control over the cooking process. Some models let you set a specific temperature, while others function with predetermined settings. Some have accessories like trays, stones and peels, all of which can make the process — and the final result — better. Find the oven that suits your lifestyle and preferred pizza style best.
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